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Specializing in Patent Preparation and Prosecution, Intellectual Property Law and Management

I am a patent attorney, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and admitted to practice law in California. My USPTO registration means that I am able to write and prosecute patents anywhere in the United States and not only California.

The process of obtaining a patent, from conception of an invention to issue of a patent, is a unique combination of technology and business. It begins in the minds of the inventors, and should end with a business asset that accurately reflects and contains the market value of the creative, scientific, logistical and financial efforts that went into development of the invention.

In order to optimize the process of obtaining intellectual property rights, a USPTO registered attorney with a comprehensive technical and managerial background is important. Your attorney will understand clearly what you are trying to patent and how it fits into the field of prior art. Also critical is an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish for your business with this application.

Your attorney should be the person that you look to in order to get the value from your patent that you had planned for. As you will see from my experience and education, I can bring you the background and experience to represent you effectively to the USPTO as your attorney in preparing and filing your patent applications and managing your intellectual property requirements. A list of links on the resources page here shows that many of the tools that you will need to move forward with your application are available for free, or at a very reasonable price, on the internet. Making sense of this plethora of information and navigating your application through the prior art, the regulations, and the forms is where, as your attorney, I can help - and you will find my fees to be reasonable also.

One final note. I hope you enjoy the information and links that I have supplied on this site and find them useful. I look forward to hearing from you, and maybe even working for you, but please note the following:
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